World Cup refs learn 20 English swear words

With the 2010 Football World Cup fast approaching you would have thought referees would have better things to do than learn how to swear in English, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

According to Brazilian official Carlos Simon, he and his two assistants have been boning up on no fewer than 20 expletives as they prepare to take charge of the match between England and USA.

Speaking to the Brazilian broadcaster Globo Sport, linesman Altemir Hausmann explained the thinking behind the plan.

He said: “We have to learn what kind of words the players say. All players swear and we know we will hear a few.”

However, he admitted that it would be impossible to learn a list of words for each of the languages being used at the tournament and had decided to focus on English. Is this something that could affect FIFA World Cup betting though?

His comments will certainly have a particular resonance for the Three Lions after Wayne Rooney was booked for swearing at the referee during the side’s warm up match against the Platinum Stars. According to Jeff Selogilwe, the official during that game, the striker would have been sent off had the incident taken place during the World Cup proper.

With his warning ringing in his ears, Rooney will do well to keep his wits about him as England take on the USA, especially with the Brazilian officials seemingly prepared for his antics.

However, American coach Bob Bradley has also revealed that, contrary to some reports, his side won’t be looking to wind up Rooney during their opening Group C game.

This seems to be good news for England fans, although it seems doubtful that the Plantinumn Stars would have gone out of their way to rile the striker, who seems more than capable of blowing his top with little outside assistance.